OpFor - The "Opposing Force" Bot, Information Page

Opfor is written in the D programming language and uses a bitboard representation with some auxillary information held in piece arrays. Its initial internal design and development were heavily influenced by the description David Fotland gave of Bomb in various posts on the Arimaa forum.

OpFor came in 3rd when participating in the Arimaa Computer Championship in 2008 through 2010.

The full source repository for OpFor has now been converted to git and hosted on github.

Versions from past years are also available. Be aware though that the source is nothing pretty to look at and if you are going to try and build it the required D development environment can be difficult to set up.

Precompiled binaries of the above versions are available for Windows and Linux (statically compiled on Debian Lenny).

All source is released under an MIT style license. This of course does not cover the game Arimaa itself. The Arimaa license is covered by the following:

This software is being provided with a written authorization from Arimaa.com and in compliance with "Section 3 of the Arimaa Public License". Authorization #90819. Any rights granted by the end user license of this software apply only to this software and do not extend to the Arimaa game. The end user is responsible to ensure that any derivate work based on this software complies with the Arimaa Public License and obtain any authorization or license by contacting Arimaa.com. The Arimaa name is a trademark of Arimaa.com. The Arimaa game is patented. The Arimaa game rules, the Arimaa board design and the Arimaa piece design are copyright protected. The Arimaa Public License allows cost free use of the Arimaa game for non-commercial use.

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Arimaa is a registered trademark of Omar Syed